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We are a specialized physical therapy clinic, providing highly skilled, quality, thorough patient care with an individualized, research-based focus to patients in East Cobb, Marietta, and surrounding areas. Our certified Doctor of Physical Therapy provides one-on-one physical therapy in the areas of pediatrics, youth sports, orthopedics, pregnancy, postpartum, pelvic health, and breathing dysfunction.

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Physical Therapy Services

physical therapy for fitness and wellness

Fitness & Wellness

Including: Strength and Conditioning Classes, Performance Assessments, Clinical Pilates, Developmental Workshops, Pregnancy and Postpartum Education…

physical therapy for pediatrics


Including: Newborn Assessments, Development, Torticollis, Orthopedic Concerns, Pediatric Continence, Other Pediatric Issues…

physical therapy in adolescence


Including: Youth Sports, Youth Back Pain, Youth Headaches, Scoliosis & Kyphosis, Dance Medicine, Gymnastics Medicine…

physical therapy for orthopedic issues


Including: Sprains & Strains, Headaches, TMJ Dysfunction, Low Back Pain, Neck Pain, Post Fracture Rehab, Core Strengthening, SI Pain…

physical therapy for pelvic health

Pelvic Health

Including: Pregnancy, Postpartum, Pelvic Pain, Bladder Issues, Bowel Issues, Prolapse, Diastasis…

physical therapy to treat breathing dysfunction

Breathing Dysfunction

Including: Diaphragm Rehab, Post Phrenic Nerve Repair, Pectus Excavatum / Carinatum, Ribcage Disorders…

Professional Services

mentoring and consulting professional services

Mentoring & Consulting

teaching and speaking professional services

Teaching & Speaking

physical therapy to treat chronic pain

Not feeling your best?
Suffering from chronic pain or a recurrent injury? Physical therapy can help.

We’ve been there too and can tell you from our personal and professional experience that good physical therapy works!  Not just protocol driven exercise programs, but individualized, comprehensive treatment plans by highly experienced therapists driven to find the root of your problem, provide you with the most effective solutions, and get you to your healthiest self now.

What People Are Saying About Integral Physical Therapy …

“You have given me so much hope!  I feel like I have my life back, like I never thought I would post partum!”


“After seeing so many specialists and believing we had turned every stone, we were recommended to Lisa Shaw. To see Lisa walk this path to recovery right alongside our daughter continues to be humbling. She celebrated every victory and encouraged every low, culminating in seeing our child be healthy and happy, doing what she loves to do. Fly.”


Mom of a Gymnast

Lisa is wonderful and has helped me feel better almost immediately. Highly recommend.”


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