Mentoring & Consulting professional services

Mentoring & Consulting

Dr. Lisa Shaw provides support to other physical therapists working to expand their clinical skills in the areas of developmental pediatrics, pelvic health, and breathing dysfunction. She is available for case consults, clinical questions, and problem solving at an hourly rate or for longer term mentoring for growth and development of a therapist in one of these areas of clinical practice. Small group sessions are also available.

Lisa also provides support to therapists building their own private practices, as she has many years of experience owning her own practice and managing an out of network practice. She has learned the hard way how to avoid some pitfalls and loves being able to steer other therapists towards a simpler and more effective route. She is available for a la carte mentoring in this area, just to meet your needs, or for full support for a therapist just starting out. Often therapists know bits and pieces of how to build a business, and it can be helpful to have just the support you need, no more, no less.

Teaching & Speaking professional services

Teaching & Speaking

Lisa loves teaching in any form, whether in writing or by speaking to small or large groups, either to lay people or professionals. She is passionate about educating the community in her primary topics of interest including women’s health, breathing, or pediatric topics. She also loves helping other therapists learn important concepts that are game changing in clinic practice.

Please contact her to weigh in on these important topics in your next podcast or article. She is also available to teach through inservices at your local clinic, conferences, and workshops.

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