Physical Therapy Testimonials

Through these personal testimonials, learn how Dr. Shaw and Integral Physical Therapy have made a difference in the lives of these patients living in East Cobb, Marietta, and surrounding areas. Whether you need postpartum physical therapy, treatment for low back pain, dry needling, or any of the other one on one physical therapy services we offer, YOU could be our next PT success story!

“I didn’t even know pelvic floor physical therapy was a thing when I was first referred to Dr. Shaw. She was immediately disarming and calmed any concerns I had about treatment. She has an impressive wealth of knowledge & is very skilled at breaking it down & explaining it to me in terms I can understand. Without her, I’d still be in pain and with the limited range of motion I’d come to accept as part of aging. But now I have improved movement patterns and more efficient breathing!”


“After seeing so many specialists and believing we had turned every stone, we were recommended to Lisa Shaw. To see Lisa walk this path to recovery right alongside our daughter continues to be humbling. She celebrated every victory and encouraged every low, culminating in seeing our child be healthy and happy, doing what she loves to do. Fly.”
CK, Mom of Gymnast

“You have given me so much hope!  I feel like I have my life back, like I never thought I would post partum!”


“Lisa has been a wonderful blessing to my daughter and our family. She has poured her extensive knowledge and experience into my daughter with amazing love and encouragement. I know my daughter is where she is physically because of Lisa!”

Mom of Claire

“Lisa is wonderful and has helped me feel better almost immediately. Highly recommend.”


“I appreciate your ‘true grit’, I love the energy, intellect, and tenacity that you bring to your profession!  Your work is a gift to my daughter and I!”

Mom of Izzie

“I appreciate your presence, positive attitude, clinical expertise, and smiling face.  I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you.  You’ve been a priceless resource of information.”

Amy Fuhrer

Speech Language Pathologist

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