Frequently Asked Questions…

What is your payment policy?

Payment is due at the time of service either by cash, check, or charge.  Note that you can use HSA or FSA cards for physical therapy services. 

What are my options for telehealth?

We offer virtual telehealth visits (Georgia only) or virtual consultations (out of state).

Do I need a prescription to see you?

You do not need a referral for PT unless you want to file for out of network benefits and it is required by your insurer. 

Do you do complimentary phone consultations?

We are happy to speak with you about whether we are a good fit for you, or whether physical therapy might be the right answer for you. Please contact us to schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation.

Are you in network with insurance?

We are an out of network provider.  Note that you can use your HSA or FSA card if you have one. 

What is one-on-one physical therapy?

Traditionally, many physical therapy clinics will see more patients in a day in order to effectively run a business in an insurance model. Over the last 2 decades, reimbursement for physical therapy from traditional insurers has not kept up with the cost. The result has been a push towards higher productivity which equates to seeing more than one patient at a time. It also leads to less than adequate pay for physical therapists despite an increase in degree requirements and the increasing costs of higher education. This environment leads to therapist burnout and disillusionment, as it is both exhausting to see so many patients in one day with the physical demands on our own bodies, and it is disappointing not to provide the quality of care that you hope to in order to help patients the way you know you can.

Many physical therapists have shifted to an out of network model, in order to avoid the increasing administrative costs of billing insurance, the decreasing reimbursement rates, and the unfortunate stipulations on patient care such as visit caps and diagnosis specific restrictions. One patient told us that he couldn’t ask his previous PT about his hip problem because they were only able to focus on a shoulder problem for which he had been referred by his physician. Physical therapists should be free to treat patients holistically, as problems are generally related, and with the time it takes to get to the root cause of the problem. Spending a full hour on evaluations and follow up treatment sessions actually helps get to the root cause more quickly and helps patients get better faster. Upfront costs are higher for many patients in an out of network model of care (unless you have a high deductible and expect to pay upfront anyway), but total costs can be either the same or actually less, while results are typically much better.  Another patient told us that her $80 copay for each of 3 PT visits at a traditional clinic was wasted, as her problem was not adequately assessed or treated and her therapist called out exercises from two tables away. In 3 visits with our therapists, her shoulder problem was correctly identified as a neck problem, and related issues that she had had for years were well on their way to resolution.

It has been our experience that an out of network model better serves our patients and enables us to keep fees lower while avoiding the administrative costs and restrictions on physical therapy services.  It also allows us to provide the highest level of quality care for each patient, to achieve optimal outcomes. 

What is your treatment approach?

We will thoroughly go over the history of your problem and any treatments you have tried, and we will look at how you move and what other structures may impact the primary problem.  Sometimes what seems to be a primary issue is actually caused by something else.  We do a thorough physical examination and use manual therapy and exercise prescription based on our findings.  Our patients do not feel rushed as we spend an hour with each person.  We provide an individualized treatment plan that is best for the patient.  We use a wholistic approach and look at systemic issues such as hormones, nutrition, sleep, fitness, and lifestyle, sometimes providing other high quality referrals to assist in your healing journey.  We use the latest evidence and decades of physical therapy experience to help you solve issues and reach your goals.  Patients often comment that they have not had a medical provider listen as well or address a problem as thoroughly prior to their East Cobb Integral Physical Therapy experience. 

Do you do wellness visits?

Yes!  These can be valuable for many reasons.  Think of a yearly PT visit as an essential check up for your physical well being, just as you dedicate time to visit the dentist or physician.  Problems can be caught before they cause symptoms.  This visit can be great for anyone, including babies at risk for developmental delay, workers who sit a lot and may develop tightness that can become problematic, postural and movement screens for athletes, post rehab check ups to prevent injury recurrence, pregnancy check ins to stay healthy and strong, balance check ups for aging adults, and more. 

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